Iron Baltic rotary brooms are a fast and affordable way of cleaning large areas like roads, sidewalks, driveways, crossings, squares and other flat surfaces. Originally developed for clearing snow, our rotary brooms can also be used to brush off dust and debris, leaves, small gravel, sand or soil, sawdust and various other materials from harder surfaces.

The five different working angles, various front wheel position configurations, and adjustable working height give you the flexibility to adapt the rotary broom to just about any real life scenario. As the brushes wear during operations, the height of the broom can be adjusted so that contact with the brushed surface can remain the same during the whole lifetime of the brushes.

The Iron Baltic rotary brooms can also be easily switched between the lowered working position and the transport position using an ATV winch making it fast and convenient to move between different work areas.

To find the right rotary broom for your needs, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • A rotating speed of 250-450 rpm.

  • Polypropylene brushes (diameter 450 mm / 18 in).

  • Adjustable to 5 different working angles.

  • Adjustable working height.

  • Front carrier wheels adjustable to multiple positions.

  • Separate working and transportation positions.

  • Complete, illustrated user guide & CE safety instructions included.