Iron Baltic ATV front protectors are made of 4 mm / 3/16" marine grade brushed aluminium, which is the hardest aluminium that can still be mechanically processed. The aluminium is shaped using CNC cutting, the sides are then CNC bent, and the corners of the bent sides TIG welded. The outcome is a structurally rigid ATV front protector that is strong and durable even in extreme conditions.

The ATV front protectors are designed to offer impact protection to the front of the ATV, which is usually made of plastic, making navigating through brush and hash terrain worry free. The front protectors also guard the radiator and front lights in case of a collision and are sturdy enough to withstand knocking over bushes and smaller trees without damaging the vehicle. Our ATV front protectors cover the whole upper and lower part of the vehicle and feature holes for radiator air flow and winch mounting.

To find the right front protector for your ATV, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.