Iron Baltic ATV and UTV hitch hall mounting kits are model-specific kits for mounting a tow ball to the rear of the vehicle's frame. Most ATV and UTV manufacturers do not offer vehicles with a hitch ball or the hitch ball is available as an optional extra. Even the factories that do have a tow ball option, place the ball too close to the chassis between the rear tyres making maneuvering coupled equipment difficult as the tow beam can contact the rear tyres when turning. The standard hitch ball solutions are also generally not sturdy enough to take serious abuse under constant load.

Iron Baltic hitch ball mounting kits are designed to make heavy towing easy and worry free and extend the hitch ball joint outwards creating enough clearance for comfortable maneuvering.

We currently offer two different versions of our hitch ball mounting kits:
Our simpler mounting kits are meant to substitute the original factory hitch ball mounts but are designed to be stronger to take more abuse and extend further outwards to give more clearance when maneuvering. These mounting kits have a precut 23 mm / 1'' hole for installing a standard 50 mm / 2'' tow ball but do not include the ball itself.
Our multifunctional mounting kits have all the benefits of the simpler versions but can be used as either pin hitches or ball hitches. The 2-way hitch adapters include a standard 50 mm / 2'' tow ball, which can easily be removed using the 16 mm / 5/8'' quick release pin. The mounting kits are also suitable for ATVs and UTVs registered as category T3 tractors in the European Union.

Iron Baltic ATV and UTV hitch ball mounting kits are made from galvanized or powder-coated steel, which is CNC cut, CNC bent and either MIG/MAG or TIG welded, making them structurally rigid, strong, and durable even in extreme conditions.

The hitch ball mounting kits for ATVs and UTVs are designed to be installed without the need to modify your vehicle and trimming any details or drilling additional holes is not necessary. The installation and removal of our hitch ball mounting kits is easy as all kits come with mounting hardware and detailed illustrated installation instructions.

Hitch ball mounting kits are compatible with all of our products and do not need to be removed to install additional accessories or equipment.

We currently offer hitch ball mounting kits for more than 75 ATV or UTV models and are constantly expanding our product range. To find the right mounting kit for your vehicle, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.