Iron Baltic silo and hay bale trailer for transporting rolled silage and hay. Strong construction, tandem axle and wide terrain tires ensure a large load capacity and good terrain passage to allow for fast transportation of bales to barns, stables or feeding areas. Loading of the silage bales can be done with the assistance of lifting grips and raised with an electric winch.

The bale trailer is designed for ATVs and UTVs but can be towed with any other vehicle equipped with a 50 mm / 2'' hitch ball. The 1000 kg / 2204 lb load capacity trailer attached to an ATV does no notable damage to the terrain and is easily maneuverable between trees, over ditches, through narrow or low doorways and in tight indoor spaces allowing access to places outside the reach of larger rigs.

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  • Strong steel structure and powder coat finish.

  • Load capacity 1000 kg.

  • Maximum bale diameter 1 500mm (60 inches)

  • Off-road tires 22x12-8“

  • Loading / unloading bales with electric winch via remote control.

  • Automatic locking system.

  • 360° swivel hitch coupler.

  • Fastening with a strap.

  • Tandem axle with four wheels.

  • Complete, illustrated user guide & CE safety instructions included.

Silo & Hay Bale trailer technical info

Powder coated steel
L 2665 mm x W 1625 mm x H 1185 mm
L 104.9 in x W 63.9 in x H 46.6 in
22x11-8' all terrain
Load capacity:
1000 kg / 2204.62 lb
175 kg / 385 lb
Electric winch (2500 lbs) with remote control