Iron Baltic ATV & UTV Field or land roller to roll fields after plowing as well as compact after sowing or leveling work. The field roller mounted on an ATV coupling is an easy to maneuver and sufficiently light tool ideally suited for leveling small and medium-sized fields after plowing without the vehicle sinking into the ground and creating tracks. The roller can be filled with water to add weight to further compact and create a smooth and even surface.

The land roller is designed for ATVs and UTVs but can be towed with any other vehicle equipped with a 50 mm / 2'' hitch ball.

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  • Galvanized and powder coated steel frame structure.

  • Roller diameter 475 mm / 18.7 in.

  • Working width 1500 mm / 59 in.

  • Wide offroad tyres 22x11-8” (optional).

  • Rotating hitch coupling for 50 mm / 2' hitch ball.

  • Can be used as a tow behind tool with the ATV, truck, garden tractor, small loader/lifter etc.

  • Transporting carrier wheels and 'turn over' construction for quick and easy transport position (optional).

  • Roller drum can be filled with water to gain extra weight (+260kg).

  • Complete user guide & safety instructions included.

land roller

Land roller technical info

Frame material:
Powder coated steel
L 2150 mm x W 1675 mm x H 475 mm
L 84.6 in x W 65.9 in x H 18.7 in
Tyres (Optional):
22x11-8 all terrain
Roller drum volume:
260 l / 68.6 gal
Empty weight:
120 kg / 264 lb