Iron Baltic ATV & UTV chainsaw holders are universal adjustable saw holders that are easy to mount and remove. The plastic chain cover of the holder fits any saw length and does not damage the chain. The chainsaw holder is universal and can be mounted on the front or rear rack of an ATV or UTV but also to other vehicles with a tubular mounting point.

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  • Durable powder coated aluminium and plastic structure.

  • Saw position adjustable in all directions.

  • Universal fitting kit with U-clamps included.

Chainsaw holders technical info

Powder coated aluminium & plastic
Product overall:
L 155 mm x W 420 mm x H 400 mm
L 6.1 in x W 16.5 in x H 15.7 in
Plastic saw holder:
L 155 mm x W 30 mm x H 400 mm
L 6.1 in x W 1.18 in x H 15.7 in
2,7 kg / 6 lb