Iron Baltic ATV baskets and racks are made of heavy duty powder coated steel and steel mesh. Our selection includes universal designs that fit most ATVs, but also a specially designed luggage rack for Can-Am Renegade ATVs and a special safety rail for Polaris Big Boss 570/800 ATVs.

All of our baskets and racks come with easy to install mounting hardware making them simple to install on OEM frames and racks.

The Can-Am Renegade luggage rack is manufactured from strong aluminium alloy frame covered with a 15 mm / 0.6'' plastic plate making it light yet durable. The rack is easily installed with four bolts and can be used to mount any cargo or accessories including our universal baskets and cargo boxes.

The safety rail for Polaris Big Boss 570/800 ATVs is made of powder coated steel and steel mesh and can be easily mounted on the existing cargo box of the vehicle. The safety rail makes it possible to haul more cargo and secure the content to the cargo box with straps or rope. The assembly also has a steel frame and mesh safety barrier preventing the cargo from hitting the driver in case of a sudden stop or an accident.

To find the right basket or rack for your vehicle, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.