Iron Baltic trailer skis are an ideal solution for winter when trailers need to be towed on snow and ice making them well suited for fishing, hunting, forestry work or just about any other job that requires using a trailer in cold conditions. The heavy-duty trailer skis are available for either single or double axle trailers to be fitted with straps without removing the wheels, or specially designed for ATV and UTV trailers with a 4x100 mm (4x3,93'') bolt pattern to replace existing wheels. The load capacity of 700-1000 kg / 1543-2204 lb means the skis are also able to withstand heavy loads.

The trailer skis are manufactured from durable galvanized and powder coated square steel tubing. The wear sections of the skis are covered with a 10 mm / 0.4'' black polyethylene PE-HWU plastic making them light, UV-resistant, flexible, slippery, and durable even in extreme Arctic temperatures of -50°C / -58°F. The sides of the trailer skis are equipped with protruding guides to dig deeper into snow and ice and to prevent side slipping.

galvanized and powder coated square steel frame,
high-density polyethylene (PE-HWU) plastic slides
Single axle:
L 1480 mm x W 270 mm x H 220 mm
L 58.3 in x W 10.6 in x H 8.7 in
Double axle:
L 2170 mm x W 260 mm x H 220 mm
L 85.4 in x W 10.2 in x H 8.7in
ATV & UTV trailers
L 1480 mm x W 260 mm x H 390 mm
L 58.3 in x W 10.2 in x H 15.4 in​
Load capacity:
1000 kg / 2204 lb (single and double axle)
700 kg / 1543 lb (ATV & UTV trailers)
34.6-51 kg / 76.3-112.4 lb