Iron Baltic riding arena drag groomer is intended for leveling and hoeing riding areas. The plow has spring spikes with an adjustable working height for surface hoeing. Adjusting the working angle of the side and rear plow blades allows for the surface at the edges of the riding arena to be shifted back to the middle. There are rubber edges and an adjustable perimeter wheel to protect the walls of a riding arena. The finishing roller compacts the soil, giving it a lovely, polished look.

The riding arena leveller can be towed by all vehicles equipped with a 50 mm/2” ball hitch unit and with a towing eyelet (22. 050S) installed as an optional accessory. The trailer can be also towed by hitching it to other vehicles equipped with a coupling device.

Setting the transportation position and operating depth is done with a manual lifting mechanism or a 12V electrohydraulic cylinder installed as an accessory.

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  • Strong steel structure. Galvanized or powder coat finish

  • Adjustable height of the plow.

  • Adjustable angle of the plows.

  • Adjustable perimeter wheel.

  • Off-road tires 22x12-8“

  • Adjustable working height spring spikes (tines) for surface hoeing

  • The finishing roller compacts the soil, giving it a lovely, polished look.

  • Electrohydraulic lifting mechanism (Optional)

  • Complete, illustrated user guide & CE safety instructions included.

Riding arena groomer technical info

Powder coated steel
L 2900 mm x W 1850 mm x H 825 mm
L 114.2 in x W 72.8 in x H 32.4 in
22x11-8' all terrain
Working width:
1800 mm / 70.8 in
208 kg / 458 lb
Lifting Mechanism:
Manual lifting default or 12V electrohydraulic cylinder (Optional)