An ATV equipped with Iron Baltic's 2-in-1 Modular Plow Bucket is an ideal and efficient helper in your household. The 2-in-1 Modular Plow Bucket is an efficient multi-purpose tool that can be used for cleaning, leveling, and moving works.

The modular plow bucket combines a BUCKET and a PLOW, which means that when the bucket module is removed, the bucket becomes a plow suitable for pushing snow.

The advantage of the device is that the bottom of the bucket opens, which allows the bucket to be emptied even in the raised position.

The modular plow bucket has strong steel construction and a powder-coated/galvanized finish. The product was designed with the harsh working and natural conditions of Northern Europe in mind. It is produced in Europe and modern technologies are used in the production process.

The industrial design solution of the plow bucket is internationally protected (EUIPO 008101760-0001; 008101760-0002; 008101760-0003; 008101760-0004; 008101760-0005).

Coupling the modular plow bucket to an ATV is easy, as no tools are needed. Installation and removal takes only a few seconds with the help of a quick release system.

A model-specific front mounting system adapter (sold separately) and a front winch (with a strong cable or rope) to lift and lower the bucket are required for installation.

The bucket is emptied from the driver’s seat using either the tilting lever or hydraulically with a hydraulic cylinder (optional)

Iron Baltic’s modular plow bucket can be used for pushing snow, moving objects, and for earthworks. It is a reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-use multifunctional tool!

To find the right 2-1 modular plow bucket for your ATV or UTV, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Strong steel frame structure.

  • Galvanized and powder coated surfaces.

  • Plow working position adjustable between five different positions.

  • The working angle and length of the tilting lever are adjustable depending on the machine.

  • Sliding shoes for working height adjustment.

  • Raising and lowering using the vehicle's winch.

  • Impact relief with a spring mechanism

  • Special ball-lock quick-connect pins .

  • Dump release operable from the drivers seat.

  • Can be converted into a front-mount plow by removing bucket module.

  • Complete, illustrated user guide & CE safety instructions included.

2-in-1 Modular Plow bucket
technical info

Powder coated steel
Bucket Working width:
1280 mm / 50.4 in
Bucket Capacity:
108 l / 28.5 gal
Bucket Load Capacity:
50 kg / 110.2 lb
Plow working width:
1280 mm / 50.4 in (with extensions 1600 mm / 63 in)
Plow working height:
360 mm / 14,1 in
Requires a front-mount adapter available with
a model-specific mounting kit