Snow rollers help to prepare ski and hiking trails by compressing snow. Suitable to use with ATV/UTV (with snow tracks on recommended), snowmobile or a tractor.

Our product range includes snow rollers in two sizes. Wider groomer / snow roller with working width of 2.7 meters is ideal for making freestyle ski tracks. In addition, up to 2 track setters can be mounted behind this to cut the classic style ski tracks. The narrower, 1.45 meter working width snow roller, is an excellent choice for tighter conditions, e.g between the trees. This roller can be fitted with 1 track setter, allowing you to create classic style ski tracks. In addition to ski trails, this narrower roller is also perfect for packing snow to make hiking / walking trails or fatbike trails.

Both types of ski track groomers can be equipped with an adjustable ice blade module to help maintain frozen ski tracks.

To find the ski track maker for your needs, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.