Sweeper Collector is an easy to use paddock cleaner, the perfect tool to keep the paddocks free of horse droppings but also great to clean/collect the dead grass, leaves, woodchips or cut grass.

Sweeper brushes/bristles have grooming effect on the grass surface, keeping the grass fresh and healthy looking.

Sweeper Collector is a tow behind tool that installs to an ATV, UTV or any other vehicle with 50mm (2“) ball type hitch fitted, makes the cleaning of large areas like paddocks, parking lots or parks quick and easy.

The sweeper is powered by an efficient 6.5hp Vanguard engine and the rotary broom is fitted with durable OMNILINE polypropylene brushes/bristles, designed to operate in all different kind of cleaning conditions.

Large capacity roll-over hopper collects up to 0.75m3 of material (220kg max load) and is very easy to empty with the aid of the winch, after which the well-balanced hopper returns into a working position automatically itself.

Adjustable height spring tines rake helps to pre-loosen and spread the hardened/dry droppings etc before the collection by the brushes to ensure clean result after.

Working height of the brushes is manually adjustable by default but the electric-hydraulic working height adjuster is also available as an option, allowing comfortable adjustments when operating the tool without leaving the seat.

Sweeper/collector tool is an ideal product for private horse owners and small animal farms and zoos, equestrian centers, horse riding schools as well as the public area (parks, city streets, etc) maintenance and facility management companies.

The product comes pre-assembled, test-ran, packed into transport- and stocking safe wooden crate.

Detailed assembly-, user,- safety- and service manuals included.

For more information, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Powered via Vanquard 6,5hp engine - easy to start and reliable.

  • Easy adjustable working height via manual height adjuster or optional electric cylinder.

  • Adjustable spring tines rake to aid brushes with collection.

  • Sweeper collector is ideal for collecting droppings but can be used also for cleaning rubbish, woodchips, leaves.

  • 1,2 meter working width

  • Manual winch for easy hopper emtying.

  • Wheels in-line with brush rotor - follows ground contours accurately giving a consistent clean work.

  • Simple screw handle – easy adjustment of brush height.

  • Floating drawbar - allows machine to float over uneven ground with no weight on ball hitch.

  • Complete user guide & safety instructions included.

Sweeper collector

Sweeper collector technical info

Steel construction
Powder coated
L 3400 mm x W 1890 mm x H 1120 mm
Strip brushes 1200 x 281 mm ( Omniline )
16x6.50-8 Front / 11x4.00-5/4 Back
Load capacity:
0,75m3 (max 220kg)
205 cc, 6,5 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Rotation speed:
360 rpm (adjustable)
410 kg