Iron Baltic ATV plastic skid plates are a big step up from factory installed plastic covers, which offer little to no protection against impacts. Our plastic skid plates are made from high density polyethylene (PE-HWU), which has excellent sliding properties, high corrosion and chemical resistance, and superb UV-protection. The material remains very tough even at low temperatures (even at -50°C / -58° F) but is still flexible enough not to deform and regain its shape after an impact. Plastic skid plates are structurally rigid and durable with low friction properties offering easy and safe operations even in extreme conditions. All of our plastic skid plates are fully compatible with all other Iron Baltic products (plow adapters, hitch ball mounting kits, etc.) and with most factory accessories (original winch adapters, etc.).

We currently offer plastic skid plates for more than 200 ATV models. To find the right one for your ATV, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Full coverage skid plates – fully protect the bottom and front part as well as the control arms, drive shaft, etc.

  • Reinforced front part – most skid plates have additional bolted on protection at the front bottom as this is the area that takes most of the impacts and requires additional protection.

  • Bent sides – the upward bent sides add rigidness and structural integrity and offer protection to important plastic details of the vehicle.

  • Multi-part design – the skid plate is combined of several separately removable pieces (front part, middle part, back part, control arm protectors, etc.) to make replacing damaged areas easier and vehicle maintenance simpler.

  • Holes for mud draining and washing – openings to ease the draining of mud and water through the bottom.

  • Holes for oil changing – making it possible to change motor, transmission, and reducer oil without removing the skid plate.

  • Holes for plow mounting kits – easy attachment of all Iron Baltic plows.

  • Bowl-shaped washers – special washers, which protect the screw bolt heads making it possible to remove them later with ease.

  • Detailed installation instructions – all skid plates come with detailed specifications, illustrated step-by-step installation instructions, and separately packaged and numbered parts and fasteners.

Plastic skid plates technical info

Plastic skid plates technical info

Black HDPE plastic
10 mm / 3/8"
16-24 kg / 35-53 lb
Full protection of bottom and front part of the ATV.
Openings for mud draining and washing.
Holes for oil changing.
Holes for plow mounting kits.
Fasteners and instructions are enclosed.