Iron Baltic Offroad 500 Trailer is a simple solidly constructed trailer for household use. The tiltable cargo box allows for the transportation of leaves, soil, firewood, waste etc. After removing the front and rear panels, logs up to 2.5 meters in length can also be successfully transported. Height extenders, PVC covers, and various tilting solutions for the cargo box can be attached as accessories.

To find the right Offroad Pro 1000 trailer for your needs, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Strong steel frame structure.

  • Galvanized and powder coated surfaces.

  • Off-road tires 22x11-8”

  • A load capacity of 500 kg / 1102 lb.

  • Tiltable cargo box.

  • Removable front and rear panels.

  • Removable cargo box height extenders (optional accessory).

  • Cargo box dimensions 1 500 x 1 100 x 550 mm.

  • Complete user guide & CE safety instructions included.

Trailer OFFROAD 500 technical info

Frame and axle parts galvanized or powder coated steel, cargo box zinc coated steel.
L 2380 mm x W 1150 mm x H 966 mm
L 93.7 in x W 45.2 in x H 38.0 in
Cargo box:
L 1100 mm x W 1500 mm x H 550 mm
L 43.3 in x W 59.0 in x H 21.6 in
22x11-8 all terrain
Load capacity:
500 kg / 1102 lb
148 kg / 326.3 lb