Collector box for rotary broom

Product Code: 48.1000


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1270 mm
50 L
61 kg
Produktens mått:
1360 x 650 x 580mm
Förpackade mått:
1550 x 600 x 500 mm.

Optional collector box for IronBaltic Rotary Broom (ref part number 48.0000)

Includes electro hydraulic cylinder and switch kit for one cylinder.

Rotary broom with collector box quickly sweeps and collects dirt and debris, and easily dumps out the refuse.

Perfect system for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks, warehouses and more.

  • Compatible with IronBaltic Rotary Broom p/n 48.0000
  • Electric-hydraulic dumping system.
  • Includes electro hydraulic cylinder (MAP 150) and switch kit for one cylinder.
  • Installation manual & -hardware included.

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