Installation hardware spares kit
for skid plates

Product Code: 02.0001S


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4.4 kg
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240 x 170 x 100 mm.

Universal installation hardware SPARES kit.

Spares kit consists of hardware parts which are used for most IB skid plates installation, universal kit includes most of the commonly used connecting plates and brackets, bolts, washers and nuts on best selling IB skid plate models.

Kit has been put together for occasions when some of the model specific mounting hardware parts, supplied with the skid plate kits, require replacement over time of skid plate usage.

This spares kit will NOT replace in full the model specific hardware kit which comes with the IB skid plate kits.

  • Please see product pics for more details.
  • For IB skid plate kit´s full model specific hardware kit ordering contact your reseller or Iron Baltic.

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