V-Plow 1800 G2
kit for tracks fitted machines
34.2900 + 34.3800

Tuotekoodi: 34.3000

1 250.00 


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Powder coated, galvanized
1800 mm
109 kg
Pakatut mitat:
1850 x 650 x 550 mm

Heavy duty steel construction! Suitable for cleaning snow or pushing sand, dirt, gravel, etc.

Suitable to use with the TRACKS FITTED machines and also with some higher ground clearance UTV-s / side-by-side machines.

Model specific mounting kit needed for installing the push tubes (see section mid-mount adapters).

  • Impact reducing springs helps the plow move over small obstacles without breaking.
  • Quick and easy working angle adjustment.
  • Working width (track) in max reversed V position: 1530 mm
  • Working width (track) in max V position: 1560 mm
  • Working height adjustment via sliding shoes.
  • Blade angle adjustment.
  • Plow height 600 mm.
  • Blades dampening springs ensure the plow moves over fixed obstacles without damaging the plow or the vehicle.
  • Curved design provides better snow and dirt roll-off at any angle.
  • Plow lifting with ATV winch.
  • Raising and lowering using the vehicle´s winch.
  • V-Plow 1800 G2 is a heavy-duty plow designed for UTVs but can also be used with heavier and more powerful (800cc and up) ATVs
  • Complete, illustrated user guide & CE safety instructions included.
  • Packed into transportation safe wooden crate (stackable)
Payment Methods
Shipping via DPD tranport
Shipping via DPD

Arvioitu toimitusaika: 2-5 päivää

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