Iron Baltic ATV & UTV windshields are made from 5 mm / 0.2" Lexan polycarbonate plastic, which is resistant to breaking, scratching and UV radiation, making them structurally rigid, strong, and durable even in extreme conditions.

Our ATV & UTV windshield selection includes both front and rear windshields, which are designed to offer protection from wind, rain, snow, mud and various off-road hazards. The front windshields are half windshields giving the advantage of better wind deflection over the top and maintaining visibility without the need for wipers even if the windshield itself is covered in mud. The bottom of the front windshields is covered with a seal to prevent water and dirt from penetrating between the shield and the vehicle. The installation and removal of the windshields is quick and easy due to the use of special pipe clamps.

To find the right windshield for your vehicle, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.