Iron Baltic supplied universal fitment Quadivator ATV Snow Thrower removes excess snow easily with the chute angle adjustment controlled from driver seat, the snow blower has 50” (127cm) snow clearing width that is wide enough for large jobs yet narrow enough for those tight areas where it can be difficult to push snow away with larger snow clearing equipment.

This universal snow blower unit fits perfectly also with medium size utility ATV-s, unlike many other products that could be too big and heavy to use with smaller and medium size ATV-s. Despite its slightly smaller dimensions, the Quadivator Snow Thrower with its rear hitch fitted powerful 19hp Briggs & Stratton engine power unit, is well capable for larger snow clearing jobs as well, fitted to larger ATV-s and also UTV-s, side-by-side utility vehicles.

Quadivator snow blower kits come with rear hitch fitted 19hp power unit, connected to the front fitted snow thrower unit via extendable, adjustable inter-frame, which makes the fitment on different length of ATV-s and UTV-s, currently available on the market, possible and is easy to match the unit with very wide variety of vehicles. Iron Baltic currently offers options for shorter 1-seater and longer 2-seater ATV-s, as well as the side-by-side vehicles and larger UTV-s, with the longest connecting inter-frame required for the setup.

With its rear end fitted power unit and front fitted blower module the good weight balance ratio achieved with this setup makes working and maneuvering easy and there would not be much excess load to the front, which on smaller ATV-s could make operation uncomfortable and more difficult.

Same power unit that comes with the Quadivator Snow Thrower kits is also used to power up the Iron Baltic supplied Quadivator finishing mower unit, a very good tool to use for the summer maintenance works on the larger grass fields and green backyards - so perfect option to combine summer and winter tools with less investment.

To find the right setup of the Iron Baltic supplied Quadivator Snow Thrower kit for your vehicle, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Universal fitment to most ATV-s and UTV-s.

  • 50” (127cm) snow clearing width.

  • Balanced weight ratio with rear fitted 19hp Briggs & Stratton power unit.

  • Adjustable working height, support wheels and transporting position.

  • Electric starter with key on power unit.

  • Confortable onboard snow thrower chute adjustment.

  • Strong, powdercoated steel structure.

  • Possible to expand the usage for summer with optional mower deck module.

  • To use with vehicles equipped with front mounted winch and rear 2” / 50mm ball type hitch.

  • Comes with complete installation instructions and user manual.

Quadivator Snow Thrower tech info

Powder coated steel / galvanized steel
Width 1270 mm / 50” (snow blower module)
Length 3500 mm / 137.8” (total with interframe and power unit)
Auger Diameter:
362 mm / 14.25”
Auger Speed:
925 rpm
Snow throwing distance:
up to 10 meters / 33ft
Height adjustment:
right & left side height adjustment with fixed wear skidson either side of the auger housing.
Mounting method:
2-point bolted assembly to the inter-frame, connected to the rear hitch fitted power unit.
approx 318kg / 701 lbs (total kit with inter-frame and power unit)