Iron Baltic mobile hunting towers have been designed to give hunters the maximum flexibility possible. The tower is easy to transport, set up, reposition, and dismantle even by a single person, which makes it also suitable for a solitary hunter.

Contrary to traditional hunting towers, which are solid and stationary constructions, our mobile towers can be moved within minutes to relocate to a better stalking area. The tower can be easily transported on a trailer (we recommend our ECO 700 trailer), extended using the included hand winch, fixed in position with the adjustable support legs and the hunt can continue. After the hunt, the kill can be placed on the trailer below the tower and you only need one trip back home.

Our mobile hunting tower is also ideal for nature photographers, bird watchers, security personnel and everybody else, who require a mobile adjustable platform.

To find the right combination for your needs, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

  • Strong steel structure for professional use

  • Galvanized or powder coated weather resistant surfaces

  • Scissor lift construction for fast and easy installation

  • Adjustable support legs for levelling on uneven ground

  • Safety guards

  • Easy to transport on trailer (ECO 700 recommended)

  • Optional adjustable chair with gun support

  • Optional camouflage net

Hunting tower technical info

Powder coated or galvanized steel
transport position without roof:
L 2000 mm x W 1550 mm x H 1160 mm
L 79 in x W 61 in x H 46 in
installed position with roof:
L 2000 mm x W 2360 mm x H 4212 mm
L 79 in x W 93 in x H 166 in
1000 mm x 1600 mm / 39 in x 63 in
Lifting height:
1280 mm / 50 in
Platform height from ground:

1200 mm / 47 in (down)
2450 mm / 96 in (lifted)
190 kg / 419 lb, approximately

Accessories for Hunting Towers

Adjustable chair with gun support for mobile hunting towers

Adjustable chair with
gun support

Material: galvanized or powder coated steel and HDPE plastic
Seat dimensions:
500 x 400 mm / 19.7 x 15.7 ;in
Seat height:
377-577 mm / 14.8-22.7 in
Backrest height:
554 mm / 21.8 in
Weight: 18 kg / 39.7 lb

With a turning seat base, adjustable backrest and gun support.

Woodland camo camouflage covering net for mobile hunting towers

Camouflage covering net

Material: polyester, 210D
Colour: Woodland camo
1.75 x 12 m or 1.05 x 12 m
5.7 x 39.4 ft or 3.4 x 39.2 ft

Universal camouflage covering net for hunting towers with included tie ropes.