Quadivator ATV tandem disc is a heavy-duty tandem disc designed ATVs but can also be used with UTVs, small tractors, or any other vehicle equipped with a 50 mm / 2'' hitch ball. The tandem disc comes with notched front discs that can easily cut through larger hard patches of soil, turf, and furrows and can also be used for grinding up dried vegetation for fallows. The ATV tandem disc is ideal for use in heavy weed-infested or high stubble/trash areas, and for discing-in fall garden vegetation.

The tandem disc is light and easily maneuverable making it also well suited for wet or boggy ground and tighter spaces, where larger equipment might struggle. The tandem disc attached to an ATV is capable enough for small and medium scale farming making work simple and fast.

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  • Heavy duty square tube steel frame structure.

  • Galvanized and powder coated surfaces.

  • Replaceable discs.

  • 8 notched discs in front and 8 smooth discs in rear.

  • Quick and easy working depth adjustment.

  • 12V DC electric actuator with wiring and switch. (Optional)

  • Quick and easy to switch between working and transportation positions.

  • Adjustable tow bar.

  • Complete user guide & safety instructions included.

ATV tandem disc technical info

Galvanized and powder coated square steel frame
L 1800 mm x W 1200 mm x H 750 mm
L 70.9 in x W 47.2 in x H 29.5 in
Working width:
1200 mm / 47.2 in
340 mm / 13.4 in diameter discs;
8 notched in front + 8 smooth in the back
150 kg / 330.7 lb